Tuesday, June 12, 2012

...the Bronx Is Up and the Battery's Down...the people ride in a hole in the ground....

I'm looking forward to representing Picasso's Basement at the upcoming Fanwood Green Fair on June 26th and that got me to thinking about the wonderful projects the kids have done with recycled items. I always save and reuse what I can, from cereal boxes to yogurt cups to bottles.

Months ago I told you about our  Upcycled New York City. Well here it is! I still have to poke the holes in the background and add the strand of lights so it will look like night stars. But I figured I'd better get this posted before another 2 months pass!

Watch Out! King Kong is on the loose!

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Lincoln Center complete with taxis
Chrysler Building with Empire State Building in the background


  1. Thank you! The kids did such a great job.
    I am a little concerned that they seem to think it's the 1970's: In drawing the backdrop they included gun fights and prisons and police helicopters. Considering we live quite close to Manhattan and most of them go in frequently I'm worried about their perception of New York which is truly a great city.
    I'm guessing they must spend very little time in the museums and instead prowl around with their parents on the mean streets late into the night! :-)

  2. They (and you) have done a wonderful job!! Love the rescue helicopter! I'd love you to visit me at Dream Painters... :)