Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Featured Artist #1: Zeus

Being an art instructor has given me the opportunity to see how different artists can be. Some work quickly and with passion, others have an incredible eye for detail and their creations come about slowly and with special care. Some children put all their humor into their artwork, some bring a love of decoration to the work. Some are experimenters, some are cautious. These differences are part of what make each artist unique and what makes each class exciting.

I thought it was time to start presenting the “Picasso’s Basement Artists” one at a time. Get to know some of them. See what they like and watch it appear in their art.

Who will go first? Why, it was a no-brainer. It was the first artist to hand in his questionnaire (and yes, that is a reminder for the rest of you!) By the way, I asked all the artists to pick a “STAR NAME”. 
Our first featured artist asked to be called “Zeus”. 

Zeus is in 6th grade and he told me a little about himself. He likes to play videogames, is a big fan of bacon, and his favorite book is (no surprise here) the Percy Jackson book “ The Last Olympian”.

 Zeus’s art often reflects his love of mythology.

Cigar Box Birdhouse
"Palace of the Gods"
Shadow Puppet
"Zeus with his lightening bolt"
When asked what he likes best about creating art he said it was getting to “express your self and do awesome stuff.” And awesome is what he is all about. 
He is incredibly prolific and comes up with inspiring ideas and makes them happen. Zeus has taught me that you can break a million rules and still produce great art. He churns out work with rapid speed, his ideas come pouring out of him and he is never without inspiration. He can talk endlessly through class, entertaining everyone, and STILL produces something incredible.   

When asked what he wanted to do with his life he answered “anything that doesn’t have to do with typing”.  I don’t think he’ll have a problem finding something. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art is Basic: Art Teacher Blog Directory

Art is Basic: Art Teacher Blog Directory
I know I've listed this before but here is a wonderful list of other Art Teacher Blogs, including listings of several friends who I know to have some fabulous art lesson ideas! Happy reading and creating!