Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Time to give away one of my all time favorite books!

MADE BY DAD is a fabulous collection of amazing
"cool stuff" (direct quote) that you and your kids can make at home from ordinary household items: cardboard, paper, throwaway cups, straws, etc. Car launchers, sling shots, decorations, flying aliens, monsters, animals, all sorts of awesome insanity.

Toast racks, twisters, bookends, even Mother's Day Cards. All created by the marvelous Scott Bedford.
 What do you do to win this hefty fantastic book?

  • 1:  Leave a comment here telling me what you love most about my favorite material: CARDBOARD! Also leave some kind of contact info or YOUR blog info if you want me to see it!
  • 2:  If you are on Facebook LIKE my Picasso's Basement Page and I'll enter you in the raffle TWICE!
  • 3:  AND if you are on Facebook and post about my FB Picasso's Basement page to your friends (just tell me here you've done it) I'll enter your name THREE TIMES!
The contest ends April 1st!