Sunday, May 5, 2013

Picasso's Basement Parties!

Project #1 was all set up beforehand!
I'm happy to share that the party end of my Picasso's Basement venture is really taking off. I'm amazed at how much fun it is to bring cool art projects into someone's celebration! Each Artist is different and each party is different and these past few weeks have been chock full of 'em!

I went from a casual outdoor party to doing crafts for the kids at a 5K race, to a garden party where the guests became The Decorating Committee and helped create the coolest of birthday banner upon arrival! Even better, the Birthday Artist gets to keep it as memento to remember the special day!

The Glitter Station
I ran two parties this week for 6 year old girls and they were both so different! Framable Oil Pastel resist art and  Tissue Paper Stained Glass candle holders complete with tea lights and ribbons at one party. 
Alphabet Canvases at another  followed by butterfly masks at another. When I suggested painting symmetrical butterflies or making masks the Birthday Artist requested a combination and it was a huge success! Thankfully an outdoor party allows for use of the GLITTER STATION which I probably would have avoided indoors!

Painted Canvases Wait to have their Tape Letters Peeled

They look really cool, don't they? 

Take a look at the amazing cake that the family had made for them! Turns out it was baked by a mutual friend so if you're local and looking for a great baker please let me know.  Even more incredibly, it was delicious! And I think all the kids had a wonderful time. 
Guest with her art!
I'm happy to say I have a bunch of parties coming up! A couple have themes so watch out!