Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogging with Purpose

Those of you who have been tuning in to read my rants about suburban living, attempts at self-motivation, and the stresses of parenting while trying to find a new direction in life may notice the focus of my blog shifting a little.  What's happened, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.  If you remember my very first posting (and I know you all read my blogs repeatedly and can recite them by heart) I said this would be the Year of Paula. Well, I’m as surprised as anyone to be able to say it really became just that.

Here is what I’ve done within the last  10 months in no particular order:
  • Passed the Art Teaching praxis test.
  • Received my certification to teach art in NJ which now requires me to find gainful employment. No more bon-bon eating for me.
  • Started sketch work on a mural being designed at the request of my town Mayor.
  • Started a home-based art program “Picasso’s Basement” where I have been teaching young children from my newly cleaned (although not quite renovated) basement.
  • Vacuumed the floor. At least twice.
  • Returned to the workforce as a substitute teacher in the local elementary and middle schools (High school schedule was too difficult to work out with my kids. Although that did not stop the automated system from attempting to retain my services as a fill-in for the male Gym Teacher. Those who know me may appropriately guffaw now.)
So here’s what you’ll probably see a lot more of in my future blog posts:
  • Art projects and lessons
  • Photos of cute kids “arting”
  • Photos of my basement
  • Craft ideas
  • My sketches
Here's what I promise you won't ever have to see:

  • Photos of me from behind picking up the mess left behind by cute kids who were busy "arting". Not to say I won't clean up but no photo of me taken from behind can be allowed to be publicly displayed. Photos of me from behind are THE main reason why digital cameras have all been equipped with a DELETE button. I promise you it's true. Check Wikipedia. 
Here’s what I promise to not lose:
  • My sense of humor.
  • My appetite.
  • My mind. Here’s hoping.
No more checking YouTube for cute cat videos!**
Just check in with me!

**although those darned Scottish Fold kittens sure are adorable....


  1. Wow! Year of Paula, indeed! So wonderful, all that you have going on!

    What ages do you teach in the Picasso's Basement program? I'm trying to find things for Anna, but she's resisting doing anything right now. I'm wary of the county's "art" programs, because they largely are "assembling some sort of pre-cut craft" kind of a thing and for that effort, I'd like something better. It's a huge effort to get her to do anything. I'm rambling/venting. Anyway, I was just curious and at the same time sad that I no longer live that close.

    Congrats on everything! Excited about the mural too! Laters - C

  2. Hi Penelope, Thanks for the comment. Right now I seem to have 2 age groups going. First and second graders as well as a group of 6 graders. I'm hoping to get some "in betweens". I would also love to work with a group of preschoolers but I suppose there are only so many hours in a day and I have to see how the summer goes.
    Wish you WERE closer. I am hearing about younger kids who are looking for art classes. I do know another parent/teacher/artist who runs a fabulous class in my area and she's been doing it for quite a while. She seems to be varying her classes by subject matter now which I think is amazing and awesome. I hope I get there at some point but maybe the public school system will be calling me to them. (Fingers and toes crossed.)
    Wish you lived closer for many reasons!

  3. I agree with Penelope--Wow! So excited for you, Paula! Hmm...Liam is artistic. Do you take 3rd-nearly 4th graders? I am sure he would love it, especially with you as his teacher. :)

  4. Thanks, Adrian. Liam is welcome to join our Friday group. It's mostly 7-8 year olds but the projects are ones that any age could enjoy. He would probably just have a better grasp of the mediums than the younger kids. If he's interested let me know. It's Fridays from 4-5 on a drop-in basis.