Friday, March 16, 2012

My Big Fat Greek Vase - Part 2

A few weeks ago I showed you some of our Greek Vases from one of our classes. Check out the lesson and the first vases here.  A few friends asked me what paint I used and were these specialty vases.  So here's the low-down:

  • These were cheap vases from the art supply store, about $1 each.
  • We used craft acrylic which stays on well but is more liquidy than standard acrylic and is also very innexpensive. 
  • DO NOT use tempera. Parents of my younger students probably hoped I'd use something washable. It will work but it runs easily and if your vase gets wet you'll have a colorful puddle. 

Just a few more vases to display from a younger class. These students wanted to just be inspired by the traditional Greek vases but wanted to add more color. Just black and red paint didn't cut it for them. I still wanted them to understand working with a limited palette so I gave said they could add a little yellow and green to the mix. The boys wanted to add a little mythology and the girls went for color. Look how inspired!
Medusa #2!

One of my pre-school students also joined the bigger kids that day for a makeup craft and she wanted many colors on hers. It may not have been Greek but it is certainly fabulous!


  1. I am an enormous fan of teaching children how to appreciate and create this type of art.
    I love the emphasis of design and color contrast and the way the children expressed this so well.
    A variation of this would be Pueblo pottery. Check it out Paula.

  2. I like this project! With some potting soil and a plant you cover Earth Day and Mother's Day! Am I dreaming or do I see a cat in your #3 and #4?

    1. You do see cats! Several of our students have new pets. Since the winter I think there are 2 new dogs and a variety of hermit crabs. Lots of animal conversations and they have been featuring prominently in the art work!

      Oooh, great idea to fill them with plants. I sometimes regret that we only have an hour to work with!