Sunday, April 15, 2012


The new Spring Classes at Picasso's Basement are starting at the beginning of May!

There will be 4 classes running and all of them currently have room. As you know, space is limited so
please let me know ASAP if your kids are planning to attend!

  • PRE-K CLASS (ages 4-5)- Tuesdays 1-2pm: Projects to include Fish Printing and Canvas Painting!
  • 1-5th GRADE CLASS- Mondays 4-5pm: Trapese Artist Sculptures, Roller Coaster artwork, and much more!
  • COMIC BOOK CLASS- Tuesdays 4-5pm: Learn to create comic books, including character drawing instruction, layout, and a guest artist!
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS -Saturdays 11:30am-1pm: A range of work from traditional to conceptual, including Classic Figure Drawing and Found Object Sculptures!
For more information including a complete schedule, class descriptions, contact information and Registration Forms please go to my PICASSO'S BASEMENT CLASS SCHEDULES AND REGISTRATION PAGES.

If you have any questions or comments shoot me a comment or contact me via the contact information on the registration page!

Hope to see your kids in May!


  1. Paula, it really helps me to see how you structure your program with your registration form, fees, permission, etc. When I proceed with whatever it is that I decide to do, I will definitely refer back to the info here. THANKS!!!!!!!

  2. Thank YOU, Phyl! You're a pro so that makes me feel so good! I feel like I'm still getting my sea legs. Even at my ripening age I'm just a newbie at teaching...after a lifetime as an illustrator I just started my program a couple years ago. It's fun to watch it grow and I'm learning as I go along. Please let me know what you decide to do.