Saturday, December 21, 2013

Art Around the World at Preschool!

The most wonderful thing about 2013 has been bringing my classes to a local preschool. Our first session was ANIMAL ART followed by ART AROUND THE WORLD.  It brought a lot of new challenges. First of all, the kids were coming to me as an Enrichment Program so they'd all had a full morning of school AND stayed for lunch. Sometimes they arrived thinking it was time to head home.

So I learned that to keep them really interested.
My solution was to break up the classroom into stations!
  • We often read a related book first. In Art Around the World it was often a folk tale. 
  • The largest table is the place for the most involved and time-consuming art project.
  • The smaller table is for projects that are somewhat less structured.
  • We end each class at the Experiment Table.
  • Egyptian Necklaces

    Ancient Egyptian Headresses
    Mexican Painted buses had wheels that turned!    
    Swedish Dala horses

    African Shakera instruments
    Russian nesting doll next to Onion Dome collage
    Nesting Doll with mini dolls that fit inside!
    Glue some crayons on cardboard and let the kids take turns holding the hairdryer!

    Q-tip Paintings
    It's been a busy Fall and I'm excited that this Winter I'll be bringing my classes to an additional preschool as well. I hope I can repeat some of these projects with the new classes and work in a bunch of new projects as well.  But no fear, there is so much art to create that no class will ever have to repeat a project they've already done!


  1. I love the glued crayons then hairdry them to melt. I might be able to do that one of these days. What a creative mind you have. Thank you very much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Denise, I wish I could take credit for that one! That was straight from Pintrest! If you do it just be aware that if you get the heat too close the glue holding down the crayons melt too. Luckily since it was an "experiment" the kids enjoyed that part as much as the melting crayons!

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