Saturday, January 25, 2014

Picasso's Basement Art Camps!

As I start planning my summer Picasso's Basement Art Camps it dawned on me that I'd never properly shared much about my camps from last summer. Time to change all that!

Space Day at Art In the Park Camp. The kids are blasting off with the jet packs we made out of recycled soda bottles!
To begin I'm happy to share that this coming Summer I will be featuring three camps: 
Make Your Own Comic Book Camp - a one week program in which kids create comic books, learn how books are put together, and play absolutely crazy games related to comic books, graphic novels, and comic book making.
Camp Olympus - this will the first collaboration between myself and my friend Andrea Felcone who runs the best Writers Club for Kids around. This will be a camp for fans of Mythology and Percy Jackson. It will feature creative writing and artwork all related to mythology. Campers will also play games and test their skills much like Percy Jackson did in Camp Halfblood.
and of course....
A Counselor and I at Comic Book Camp
Art In the Park Camp -  a theme based art camp. Last year we created projects to match each day: Space, Under the Sea, Pirates, Make A City, etc. But this summer will feature a WHOLE NEW group of themes!

Last summer was the first time I'd ever run a camp and it was possibly the most fun I'd ever had!  I ran the Comic Book Camp and Art In the Park Camp and both took more energy than I ever knew I had. But thanks to some outstanding friends and counselors (thank you Maia, Devon, Sarah, and especially dear friend Trish) and the kindness of the local Recreation department (thanks Bob!) we pulled it off. So here are a few moments from last summer.
PLEASE CHECK BACK when I am able to announce the start of registration for SUMMER 2014!
COMIC BOOK CAMP photos from 2013

Every comic book camp needs a phone booth!

Dry Erase hats with thought bubbles!
Some of the printed books

ART IN THE PARK CAMP photos from 2013

A group of photos from UNDER THE SEA Day:

Making Seashell Jewelry with another excellent counselor!

Some shots of Make A Recycled City Day in which we built a city made entirely of recyclables:
Minecraft fan makes a Minecraft Building! 

A group of new friends collaborated on a fantastic backdrop.

Royalty Day: 

Space Day: 

Every Space Day needs a Rocket Ship! 

To see the dates of my 2014 camp above check the CLASSES PAGE on MY WEBSITE which should be updated shortly!

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