Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art Gallery Show!

I’m happy to report that the Picasso’s Basement Kids is having it’s fist Gallery Show at the Scotch Plains Public Library on Bartle Ave in Scotch Plains, NJ (for all you local art lovers.) The artwork will be on view through Saturday, September 17th.

Our First Group Pose!

Our Gallery Opening was this past Saturday.  It was a huge hit thanks to the talents of many artistic kids and their very lovely and generous parents. (A special shout out to Lisa and Lorri who brought us AMAZING cookies and delicious sparkling juices and kisses to Claudia and family who trekked in from afar.)

Thanks also to the staff of the Scotch Plains Library who were lovely, helpful and generous with their time. And to any patrons we may have disturbed with our enthusiastic noise: my sincere apologies!

Artists in front of their sarcophoguses
wearing shirts made at camp!
The children were excited to share their work and trade Artist Business Cards that I made using their Postage Stamp Self Portraits.
If you can’t make it to the show here’s a little sampling:

 Shadow Puppets

Postage Stamp Self Portraits


  1. It was awesome! Talented kids! And, of course, very talented teacher!

    Who is this Claudia of whom you speak? She sounds cool. Seriously, though, it was our pleasure and I'm glad I got to see you and meet Paul!

    TTYS and maybe once things get settled I can crash your book club? It was a good book club, as I recall. Lots of fun. Plus food. Book club or movie or something.

    Great job and congratulations on figuring out your new path. So wonderful. The kids are lucky to have you.

  2. You are too kind! Glad you could make it.

    Crash our book club!! Next month I'm hoping to host. We're reading The God of Small Things by A. Roy.
    What towns are halfway between you and me? Maybe we can get some tea!