Friday, September 2, 2011


I am changing my blog title from Artburbia to “Picasso’s Basement”. The old title worked for me while I was finding my way in the art teaching world, balancing parenting, suburban living (which at times still felt foreign to me after my years in Brooklyn, New York), illustrating, and learning how to teach.
Now that I clearly have found my groove with this teaching business and I seem to be spending all my time thinking up new lessons it feels like it’s time for a change. My art classes are called “Picasso’s Basement” so it seemed only natural to pick that for a new title.
I’m curious to see if you like the change. What do you think of the new title? Is there a time that you found you wanted to change something in order to reflect what was happening in your own life?


  1. So happy about everything coming together, Paula! I love the name, the idea behind it, heck, I just love that something like this exists. I've been talking it up with Anna for next summer. I'm not sure I can make it to S.P. during the year but I could try, plus she's actually a little young yet, still.

    I've talked to Chris about going up to the opening in a week so I can get Anna (and Hen) even more excited about it. Plus I'd get to see you! Everybody wins!

    Unfortunately, I can't say with 100% certainty that I'll be able to make it, but I'm going to try like a bastard. Whatever that means. I'm not able to make plans too well, nowadays. I even had to bail on going to the Colbert Report this past spring. That was so bad.

    In summary, I really really am excited for you and want to go up for the opening next weekend. I love every single thing about your camp. Every thing! Wish I could go, even.

    As far as if I wanted to change something to reflect what was happening in my own life - uhhh, I'm not sure. Lately I've been considering changing my last name to my husband's and leaving my old name behind. Eh, it's a hassle, though, right? Still, I'm considering it.

  2. Penelope, would love to see you this weekend but fear not if you can't make it. I'm always around!