Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crowns Fit for a Queen!

It's true. I have a little thing about England. 
It could be that it is because they have such great accents. 
It could be that it is because they drive on the wrong side of the road and eat marmite and say "vitamin" and "aluminum" in such silly ways. 
So it was with great excitement that the PreK kids arrived in time to help me celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

"What do you need to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee" you ask?
That's right. Buckets. 
Here's the whole list to make the most royal crowns ever!
  1.  One Bucket per artist
  2. Paper and Crayons (we used only reds and blues)
  3. White paper cut in strips long enough to fit around the bucket
  4. Red and blue and white Bottle Caps or buttons or something to be the "jewels"
  5. Glittery Pipe Cleaners (I used silver)
  6. Glue and hot glue
  7. White tape
  8. Red felt (or some royal color of choice)
  9. Newspapers for stuffing
  10. Optional glittery garlands

Make sure buckets are empty and clean. Flip em over so the open part is on the table. 
Glue some clumped up newspaper on top--this is only for stuffing so no need to be picky. 
Top with large rounded cut piece of felt. Glue the bottom edge of the felt to the bucket with glue dots or hot glue. 
Have kids draw Royal Patterns on the paper with different reds and blues. (This is a GREAT time to talk to younger kids about there being many tints and shades of any color.) Glue or tape that paper around the bottom of the bucket so it covers the bottom of the felt. 
Wrap a circle of pipe cleaner around the upper portion of the crown and attach other pipe cleaners so they can be wrapped around the top.
Glue on Bottle Cap jewels and festive garlands and any doodads you think will make it look royal.

 We decorated tea cups with paint markers too because where would the Queen be without her tea? 
But no need to show them for they were a mere afterthought. 
It's all about the crowns!

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